Current Version : 0.8.1 beta [ChangeLog]

What is this?

phpTodo is a task list manager written in PHP. I wrote this program after I read a book by David Allen called Getting Things Done, an interesting book with interesting concepts. But I'm more of a technological type person and I really didn't have any interest in a bunch of folders, or an "In" basket on my desk. Besides, I wanted to be able to view my todo list from anywhere, update it when I needed to, and not have duplicate information all over the place. And, while I was at it, I thought maybe there were other people out there who had similar interests but maybe not the technical know-how to make their vision come true. And so phpTodo was born.

phpTodo is unique in the world of task list managers in that it allows you to create an RSS feed of the items on your list. With this feed, you can stream your list to devices such as cell phones or even display the info in your web browser's toolbar. Each of these feeds is completely customizable and secured through the use of a secret password.

phpTodo is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 and is available to the public for free.


phpTodo is constantly being worked on. In the pipeline are features such as sub-task support, group todo lists, and more. Keep checking back for new versions!


You can access a demo of phpTodo by clicking on this link.


You can download phpTodo by going to the SourceForge download site.

Current phpTodo news can be found on my blog.